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Eclipse is a diversified investment online platform open type, mainly focused on such areas as trading, investing in a startup and blockchain projects. We provide our clients a unique opportunity to increase their capital and to keep their savings with higher potential returns thanks to our proposals. We eliminate all the technical, legal and other barriers that prevent all concerned, ordinary people to benefit from the exchange and cryptocurrency markets, investments, and purchases of online business. Eclipse company grew in the market characterized by constant change and periods of instability. Whether the crisis, a pandemic or the collapse of the securities, our experienced, competent and highly qualified team, always finds a gain and to strive for high results and development. Because of this, we are working effectively with the changing market trends, adapting working methods and the technology used to current needs and expectations of customers. We believe that blockchain technology will contribute to global economic and social changes. Over the next several years assume that the blockchain and digital currency will play a set, responsible and regulated role in the world economy, shortly after disintermediate many industries. Our mission is to provide professional services and consistently strive to achieve the highest satisfaction of every Customer. With pleasure we accept new challenges, while maintaining high quality and stability.


Thanks to the development of the Internet and payment systems, anyone can become a centrum client regardless of citizenship and location. User-friendly interface and ease of use will allow everyone to realize their work.



Eclipse assets are protected by multi-signature and multi-signature security protocols. All customer information is confidential. And all funds are insured.



Eclipse believes it’s foolish to ignore fast-paced technology and trends and not benefit from it. But also do not forget about traditional and more stable types of earnings. Therefore, dollars or cryptocurrencies are not important for us, the main thing is to be one step ahead, to earn and develop.



The professionalism of our team and experience give unlimited opportunities. Constantly developing, we remain open to the new. New points of view, new technologies, new challenges. And ready for a quick change of course if necessary.